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Counselling Calgary with Caryn Nuttall a CCPCP registered counsellor and psychotherapist with my own small, personal and friendly practice counselling in Calgary. I see individuals and couples. Any issue or problem. Counselling Calgary and Psychotherapy Calgary.

Caryn Nuttall - Counselling Calgary

Caryn Nuttall - Counsellor and Psychotherpist Calgary

Problem? Need to talk?

Caryn Nuttall

CCPCP Registered Integrative Psychotherapist Calgary

Individual Counselling - Couples Counselling - Family Therapy

Most of us could benefit from help at some point in our lives. We all encounter problems, be they over:

Depression - Low self esteem - Relationship counselling (+Video) - Jealousy (+Video) -
Sexual issues - Abuse counselling - Eating disorders - Anger management -
Work issues - Stress - Redundancy counselling - Weddings - Anxiety counselling -
Addictions - Alcoholism - Bullying - Loss / Bereavement

A word about me.

I was born in Wales, worked in Paris and New York, married and had a family in London. We moved with our sons to Ottawa where I worked as an artist - my paintings, sculptures and cartoons of social commentary, clad I hoped in humour, were exhibited internationally.

Years later my husband got a Canadian diplomatic posting that took us back to London. It was ostensibly for 5 years, but morphed into many more. During this time I decided to change careers and I trained to be a psychotherapist - a decision I continue to be so glad I made.

My Counselling Practice in Downtown Calgary

My clients appreciate the fact that I have always kept my practice small, personal and friendly as it assures them of contacting and seeing no one but me, and it also assures them of privacy as there is no communal waiting room. Working from home enables me to be flexible when clients' commitments prevent them from being able to keep to a fixed time each week.

I practice integrative therapy which means I am experenced in working with several approaches. I am able to offer the type of therapy, or combination of therapies, that is most appropriate for the particular needs of each client. I have created a page to explain the differences between the types and approaches to therapy.

As I have already mentioned, research shows that the relationship between the therapist and client, and not the theraputic model followed, is the most significant factor in the outcome of therapy. This has also always been my experience.

My counselling is confidential; I am affirmative and non-judgemental regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, politics, culture or nationality. I have seen clients who are straight, LGBT, white, black, Canadian, Chinese, Indian, Australian, New Zealander, American, Russian, Afro-Caribbean, French, Welsh, Irish, German, Swedish, African, Danish, Romanian, Asian, Middle-Eastern, Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Catholic and atheist to list but a few. I am trained in cross cultural therapy.

What to look for in a counsellor/psychotherapist

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