Speaking to a therapist

Looking for Counselling and Psychotherapy? What to expect when making that first call to a Counsellor or Psychotherapist. The courage, help and reassurance to make the first call. Caryn Nuttall CCPCP registered counsellor and psychotherapist friendly counselling practice in Central Calgary. Counselling Calgary

The first step - making contact with a therapist.

A step by step guide to making that first call.

If calling a therapist takes courage on your part, here is a quick, and I hope reassuring, guide in helping you make the first call.

1. At my practice counselling is completely confidential. I am the only person who answers the phone. Your calls will not be screened by a receptionist or by an answering service.

If I am with a client your call will go to my answerphone and you will be told that I am usually able to return your call within a few hours. All you need leave is your name and number and any special instructions e.g. convenient times for me to return your call. My answerphone records silently. I cannot listen to the message as it is being left, and no one but me will listen to the message.

When I return your call, I often find that the person might need to put me on hold for a moment until they find a private space in which to talk.

2. Our phone conversation need only be brief:

  • My first question is usually to ask how I can be of help. Some people simply want to set up an appointment.

  • Other people might want a brief chat before making an appointment.

  • I make every effort to see people within a few days.

  • In some practices there is an initial administrative session, in my practice we start work straight away.

  • Most people are anxious before the first session, but feel reassured by the end.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Kind regards