Work Issues. Work / Life Balance. Career Counselling and Life Coaching Calgary

Counselling and Psychotherapy with Caryn Nuttall, Providing Work issues counselling, Career Counselling and Life Coach Calgary. A CCPCP registered counsellor and psychotherapist with my own small, personal and friendly counselling practice in Central Calgary. My aim is to help those who are workaholics, or approaching retirement or those with redunancy worries look at the reality of such a life, and to examine the perceptions that motivated them to enter it; to examine how those perceptions equate with reality, and to help them consider changes that would lead to a more satisfying work/life balance.

Work Issues. Work/Life Balance. Career Counselling.

Work often plays a significant role in our sense of well-being and self-esteem. There has been a culture of aspiration for high earnings that is often equated with ‘the good life’. The resulting stress and long hours can play havoc with relationships, family, and social life, and parents frequently miss their children’s early years. For many these downsides are overlooked with the help of alcohol and drugs.

In counselling, my aim is to help clients examine the perceptions that motivated them to embark on this way of life; to look at how their perceptions equate with reality. Are they looking to cope with the stress more constructively, or do they want to consider changes that would lead to a less frenetic work/life balance?

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